22 July 2014

Just graduated

Years of architectural torture had finally paid off. I'm glad that I've sticked through it.

14 July 2014

14th July 2014

This isn't anything too emotional.

Ramadan started after the semester ended and at times there were some days where I stayed back. Previously I had never felt this way before but it's somewhat a pain having to wake up for sahur alone at campus.

Two Ramadans back a group of us hostel students would gather round and have sahur together. Some of us would rotate days when one of us wakes up and call the other person 'til their ringtones managed to pull them away from slumber. While others decided to pull an all nighter, cos what's student life without someone staying up. Or in our case playing fire crackers as well. Yeah, in the campus compound.

It was the first and, questionably, the last time when they provided sahur meal for us. To be frank they were much better than the usual breakfast food you'd get on normal mornings. Everyday it was a different kind of meal. They'll rotate the lauk between chicken, fish and beef. One time they even served us teppanyaki chicken I think with rice. Well it was defintiely teppanyaki for sure. There were also some Chinese guys who stayed up as well for Dota and ended up nabbing the extra sahur food from the hostel lobby. They've probably heard the word that the sahur meal beats the mundane breakfast the food court serve everyday. Eventually when the food ran out, some unlucky people who woke up a wee late have nothing to eat for their sahur.

We'll usually eat outside of the hostel lobby. The stretch of steps were enough for a group of us to sit or even lie down. To be frank, the combination of all of us doesn't make us a big clique, but somehow Ramadan brought us together in that kind of sense. Like a unity. I believe even some students who lives off campus came around for sahur there too, cos their friends were there.

The smokers would spend those extra minutes puffing their cigs before Subuh comes along. I recalled this one time where there were more or less 10 of us eating together, a few of them with their nicotine sticks between their fingers. Some of them were undeniably charismatic during that time of the morning, pulling a dirty joke among themselve. This one girl who was puffing along with them pulled a more dirtier response to the joke. Eventually the guy told her that despite the fact that Subuh haven't came along yet(fasting period havent started yet) her fasting for that day has gone null thanks to her statement. Almost everybody laughed and she kept quite, probably embarrassed. I felt sorry for her.

Aside from that I had the experience of walking around with a few others at the empty parking area in my pyjama dress. Hah. And there was also the other time where this hostel dude snap a selfie of himself and a guard sleeping off during his duty. It ended up on Facebook.

Call me nostalgic, but honestly I miss that atmosphere in Limkokwing. Both Ramadan and non fasting months. Sure, we're not a group of bffs or Dota buddies but compared to the rest the whole lot of us are definitely something. That's what I felt at least. As time progresses most people have graduated/disappeared from the scene and there aren't many common faces around anymore. Even if that person isn't technically your best friend it really feels more comforting to see a familiar face, I admit that.

Which is why episodes of Family Guy doesn't seem to fill up the void during this Ramadan's sahur.

30 June 2014

Did I mention that finals are over with? Oh nope? Yeah it just ended. The past few days before and after finals had been a distraction. There's a few types of distractions that I can see so far. The first is the stressful kind of distraction like assignments(that has a probability of disrupting your emotional and energy level). The second kind however involves your friends and spending the whole day with them. Before finals truly ended I've experienced the second since my close friend wanted to have a photoshoot session with me. It was truly fun for the both of us, as she loved doing the makeup and shooting photos while I got the chance to update my profile pictures on those multiple social media platforms after a while. I think I've got enough pictures to add on into my portfolio, just for fun. :)

Even way before finals ended I had been thinking of my options after this. Safe to say that I had finally made my decision. Seriously, like finally. I've spend the past few semesters weighing between a few or a couple of options. It's an "Either this or that" kind of situation if you know what I mean.

Also I've bought this Japanese self-learning book on Kana and Kanji with my leftover book vouchers. That was before I got over our other final presentation, so today I finally got around practicing and memorising some Hiragana. I find it fascinating how different Japanese letters are compared to our usual alphabets. They have a few types as well. It means that a single letter could be represented in a few different symbols. When I think about it just now, it's like comparing the same word in jawi and modern Malay. Both are very much the same, with an exception of the way you write it out.

At this point I'm not sure if classes would be possible, but hey self-learning helps a lot as well rather than none, so why not?

Here's another thing. The news about The Sims 4 have been circulating around the internet as of late, so that somehow had drive me into playing Sims 3 again after God knows how long. To my surprise my old sims family are still there, dusting itself away on the menu page. Haha. Since creating a new family robs away some time I replayed the old family again. It's a family of two witches and two vampires, and somehow I manage to catch up :)