13 April 2014

Weekends were meant to be chilled along to.

As much as I dislike it I ended up waking up late anyway. Served myself brunch while scrolling through the internet until the vibe to continue assignments really comes along. It eventually did(Thank goodness) and I had a staring competition with the AutoCAD for a while until I'm done for the evening.

To be quite honest I'm in the mood to stroll along in the city, probably buy some new gears to update my wardrobe. I was at Uniqlo with my friend the other day and unexpectedly I found an advance birthday present for my brother. He's now wearing a t-shirt with Bart Simpson on a skateboard, being a trouble maker he is. Bart I mean, hah. I bought a top for myself as well, so that beats my record of never owning a Uniqlo outfit in my entire life.

Staying in Cyberjaya on the weekends isn't a nightmare, but it does makes you feel of passing the option of going to your favourite shopping destinations in KL since it's pretty far off. It's exactly the same as making a trip back home, and I felt that it's better for me to head there on some weekdays when I won't be having classes. For one thing there'll be less crowd to deal with.

It's going to be more or less two months left before I could wave goodbye to diploma, InsyaAllah. :) For the past year I realised my strength and weaknesses in certain aspects. I'm sure it'll help me out with my decision making in the future, regardless of which route I choose to go through. And I just love researching up on my options too so I'm sure that should help me out tons as well. �� These days my classmates and I just can't stop talking about our options after this. I guess the thought of it is exciting to us.

Also life experiences itself made me grew up in a way. Sometimes I can't help but wonder how I managed to survive some situations, but I'm glad that I did without going crazy, haha. As much as I wonder what's going to happen in the future I hope that it'll all go as how I would pray for it to be.

10 April 2014

Suddenly these new assignments that we're getting felt less bearable and certainly more difficult. Class discussions secretly made me feel stressed out. Aside from a few classmates I'm not sure if I have anyone else to relate this feeling to. I won't deny, this field of study can be too much at times. Those times of going back after a tutorial session and feeling so down as a result, those moments does exist. I do wish that during those hours I could meet those whom I would love to talk to.

Just a few more months left until it's all over with. I'm excited to finish this off.

01 April 2014


I've been meaning to update for a while now, though somehow at the end my countless paragraphs of words will always end up as a draft. Jotting down thoughts doesn't feel detached but it does felt different when I'm doing it on a blog. The privacy of a pen and paper appeals more to me. But what the heck I'll just go on with this piece. :) I'm done with tonight for my assignment.

I was rewatching this YouTube video that was comparing the size of our usual planets(that we all learn in primary) and stars. Well, most of the stars featured were discovered by astronomers since they were not common. Honestly I think that if I were to learn how big the VY Canis Majoris were compared to our tiny Earth I would freak out more as a kid. Though it is some good awareness. To me seeing all of these giant planets brought me more convincing thoughts that god is definitely out there and it'd be impossible that these planets were just there in existence from the beginning of time. And another thing, I believe that there is a possibility that there could be other life forms out there. There is a possibility.

Credit: http://svichet.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/star-sizes.jpg
On another note, during these past few days I wasn't around much. One of my grandma was admitted into the hospital, and the whole event was a big deal cos she was really unwell. Surprisingly the situation managed to turn this thinker Nad into the opposite. Distraction came in the form of what was happening as of late.

After we came back home though, being on the highway leading towards DUKE certainly felt different. For the first time I came to really, really appreciate having the luck to live in the central area. One of them city kids lah, in easy terms. Those few days of being outside of the usual home area kinda gave me a different feeling. It made me see that there is so much to do in this part of Malaysia. That shed me some serious light. The next time when "No class day, woo hoo!" moment comes around it's not gonna be so much of an eighty percent total escape indoors.

So this  year I'm looking forward to get into the things I was interested in. Eversince working I began loosing touch with  those things, so now's a good time to reconnect again.